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Logistics Manager 

The newest member of the CMBG team, Fortino has extensive experience in the field of logistics. With a background in private security as well as client relations within the landscaping industry, Fortino’s expertise has been invaluable as we have expanded our disposition team.


My Story

With a background in the Property Management industry, Angel has spent the better part of his career toggling between client-facing and inventory-based roles.

After graduating with a BA in Automotive Technology, Angel founded his own auto repair business, which he still operates today.  As a small business owner himself, he constantly deals with customers and has extensive experience with repair and equipment procurement.


He has also worked in-house for COSTCO, doing, as he says, “just about everything,” from customer-forward work to merchandising and retail.  Additionally working for the Santa Monica School District and PETCO, Angel prides himself on his work with inventory and logistics. 


He currently works client-side for My Pet Naturally, a luxury Pet good store in Santa Monica, running day-to-day ops and taking on delivery coordination when necessary. 

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