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A Timely Message

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We are all trying to wrap our heads around everything that has been going on these past few weeks, receiving updates daily, and trying to adjust to what is quickly becoming our new normal. We at CMBG are responding by continuing to play an active role in helping individuals and companies weather this storm, and in the coming weeks, we will push ourselves to become more vocal, more communicative, and more transparent as we all navigate this crisis together.

Against this backdrop, I wanted reach out and share some of my thoughts about what we’re facing and offer any assistance that you, your company, and/or your clients may need.

There is no denying the gravity of this pandemic. I can’t say that we at CMBG have it all figured out, but, as my team is used to me saying, we must remember to expect the unexpected because every troubled company is unique.  Each company faces distinctly complex problems. And we at CMBG are fortunate to have a diverse team of skilled professionals who think outside the box and are equipped to face challenges as we work with you to overcome them.
Most importantly, I am proud to say each member of our team truly cares. We understand the heart and soul that goes into a company and the heartbreak that comes when trouble arises.  We, like everyone else, do this work to pay our bills, but we also choose to do this work because we are passionate about -- and skilled at --  bringing order to chaos. We have been preparing for an economic downturn for quite some time, but that does not make the reality of shuttering a business, laying off employees, or dealing with angry creditors any easier.  Nor could anyone have predicted the drastic nature of our current situation.

Now, more than ever, CMBG is here for you.  We remain committed to helping you adapt, and to helping you successfully navigate the rough waters ahead.  

The history of our world is riddled with suffering and loss, but our best quality as human beings is our ability to adapt and persist. Despite the physical and social distancing, this is an opportunity for us to grow as individuals, while coming together as a society. Millions of bright and resilient people all over the world have mobilized and are working with the hope and understanding that this too shall pass.  We have all suffered a great many injuries, and each time have relied on one another in order to bounce back recover together.  Make no mistake, this time will not be different.  We may all experience loss – ranging the entire spectrum of severity – but we will rely on those around us for support during this trying time. I am confident that we will come out stronger after the dust has settled.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have, and I look forward to catching up with you soon. 

Stay safe and be well.

-Jim and the Team at CMBG

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