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Sam Kunianski, 2017

"In late 2016, I was introduced to the team at CMBG Advisors as a secured creditor. At the time, I was an Executive Vice President at an independent Los Angeles based bank in a difficult work out situation. The creditor company brought in CMBG Advisors as the assignee for an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors. Jim Baer, the President of CMBG, successfully strategized and negotiated a complicated sale of the insolvent company while navigating through complex family and personality issues.  Our financial institution was repaid in full inclusive of all principal, accrued interest and expenses. The team at CMBG was professional, communicative, and highly effective in their ability to move quickly in order to maximize value for the sale.


In the future, if we have debtors in a similar situation, I would highly recommend Jim and his team at CMBG Advisors.  Our financial institution could not have asked for a more favorable outcome."

David Kupetz, 2016
SulmeyerKupetz APC

“I have known Jim Baer for many years and have worked on numerous cases (both in and out of court) with him.  Jim is a masterful strategist and problem solver.  SulmeyerKupetz has represented CMBG Advisors in many ABCs. Jim has extensive experience in successfully administering ABCs and business liquidations. He brings business insights and a practical, effective, reliable approach to these matters.  Jim understands the human dynamics almost always present in difficult and challenging business situations and knows how to address them.   I have no hesitation recommending Jim and CMBG Advisors.”


Chris Joseph, 2010
Christopher A. Joseph & Associates, Inc.



It’s been about 10 months since we met, and since I retained you to help me with my financial mess. When we met, I was in denial, panicking, and didn’t have a clue how to keep moving forward. You, on the other hand, were calm, straightforward, honest, and blunt. You took a few weeks to assess the situation and told me exactly what I needed to do.


You may recall, even back in May, that even after you told me what needed to be done, I had a hard time with it. Your words, that I will never forget, were: “You’ll get through this.”


Ten months later… I can say that everything you told me turned out to be true (and that’s a great thing!). You told me how to deal with my employees (with honesty), and how to cut payroll. You, even more importantly, led me thru my dealings with my bank.


Under the circumstances, filing the ABC was the best thing for me. It gave me a way to deal with my bank. It gave me a way to deal with my creditors. It gave me a way to make a living with my new company.


More importantly, it gave me my life back.


I can never thank you enough. You led me through this with honesty and integrity.


I will repeat: I can never thank you enough.