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Lisa Van Eyssen

Restructuring Officer

Lisa serves as the executive day-to day contact for CMBG clients, providing them with the resources and information necessary to proceed through their legal or business matters.


My Story

Lisa is involved in all aspects of the restructuring process, including sales of assets and liquidation, landlord negotiations, creditor claims and distribution, payroll, employee relations, and tax issues. She proactively updates companies on the status of each restructuring program and communicates information to clientele. Subsequently, Lisa is adept at coordinating resources, strategies, and experienced personnel to take on the most difficult challenges and obstacles that many businesses face in regard to debt. At CMBG, Lisa helps enhance and build relationships to maintain and enhance client acquisition and rapport.

Previously, Lisa spent over 20 years in the entertainment industry, which has provided the foundation upon which she works with all of her clients today. She worked producing documentary films and has negotiated with major film studios and their clients in order to bring a variety of projects to the screen.  She has juggled an array of personalities and needs, which helped shape her into the premier problem-solver and crisis manager that she is today.

Lisa holds a Bachelors in Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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