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Neil Massa

Restructuring Officer

Neil Massa joined CMBG Advisors in August 2018. Since then, he has participated in over 15 projects relating to maximizing recovery for lenders, creditors, and investors for ABC proceedings.


My Story

Neil has been involved in wind downs, strategic financial and operational asset sales, asset liquidation, and inventory and records management for high profile clientele.

Neil has experience in both law enforcement and private security. Prior to joining CMBG Advisors, Inc., Neil honorably retired as a Reserve Lieutenant after serving over 35 years in law enforcement for agencies in Northern and Southern California. His assignments included two years on a Federal Environmental Crimes Task Force and status as a Special Deputy U.S.Marshal.

During his tenure, Neil worked on forensic investigations concerning diversion of assets, bankruptcy fraud, misappropriation of funds, and investigations of fraudulent conveyances. He also worked on preference actions and inside transfers in a variety of industries with a diverse set of clients. 

Neil’s distinguished background gives him the discipline, passion, and empathy to flourish in complex, highly sensitive business matters. Neil is able to bring an unprecedented understanding, outlook, and experience to all CMBG matters, particularly with maximizing value in asset sales and liquidation. 

Lastly, Neil has a passion for pets and started a retail pet store located in Santa Monica, CA.

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