CMBG is an experienced restructuring firm that helps companies experiencing financial hardship build creative strategies towards a path to recovery. Whether the answer is to restructure, close, or restart your business, the team at CMBG will thoughtfully work to identify your objectives and develop the right solution for your needs.

While bankruptcy is one available tool, it isn't always the best option. Some alternatives include negotiating with creditors directly to reduce liabilities, corporate reorganization, debt consolidation, exploring merger and acquisition opportunities, or the California state alternative to bankruptcy, an Assignment of the Benefit of Creditors (ABC). 

Regardless of the option that fits you best, finding an experienced professional to lead you through the process is your first step.

A Timely Message...

We are all trying to wrap our heads around everything that has been going on these past few weeks, receiving updates daily, and trying to adjust to what is quickly becoming our new normal. We at CMBG are responding by continuing to play an active role in helping individuals and companies weather this storm, and in the coming weeks, we will push ourselves to become more vocal, more communicative, and more transparent as we all navigate this crisis together.

-Jim and the Team at CMBG








Strategic Planning

The uncertainty of not knowing how to move forward with a company in distress can be paralyzing. That is why finding professionals who have the experience to strategize and provide options is key to successfully navigating the tempestuous seas of insolvency.

- James K. Baer, Founder


The team at CMBG was professional, communicative, and highly effective in their ability to move quickly in order to maximize value for the sale.

-Sam Kunianski

Former Vice President,

California United Bank

Under the circumstances, filing the ABC was the best thing for me. It gave me a way to deal with my bank. It gave me a way to deal with my creditors. It gave me a way to make a living with my new company.

-Chris Joseph

Christopher A. Joseph & Associates, Inc.

CMBG brings business insights and a practical, effective, reliable approach to these matters.  They understands the human dynamics almost always present in difficult and challenging business situations and knows how to address them. 

-David Kupetz 
SulmeyerKupetz APC

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