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Dennis Wilkes

Head of Information Technology

Dennis is responsible for securing our networks, data, and communications as well as those of the companies we assist in restructuring. His ability to explain complex systems in plain English is always welcome in a sea of confusing technology terms and acronyms. 


My Story

For over 25 years Dennis has been at the forefront of IT Consulting for small business and large campuses all over Southern California and the Midwest. Over those years, he has established the unique distinction of being the rare consultant who is both an expert in Mac and Microsoft environments owing to decades of focused work in both ecosystems. He has installed and configured countless networks and the equipment required to secure them. Beyond that, Dennis has handled almost every technical environment from small offices to municipal facilities and hospitals along with everything in between. 

It is with this expansive knowledge and experience, combined with the ability to adapt to the ever-changing technical environments we live in today, that we are confident in Dennis as our Technology Officer. 

When Dennis is not buried in computers, he is happiest spending time with his large, blended family in Valencia. He and his fiancé are avid music fans, and enjoy sampling local shows, concerts, and large music festivals of all kinds. 

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