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Restructuring Officer

Tanya works with clients, vendors, and creditors in order to deliver the best experience possible to all CMBG clients. An effective communicator, she is able to answer even the most difficult of questions on the way to spearheading complicated logistics for CMBG and our clients.


My Story

In her capacity as a restructuring officer at CMBG Advisors, Inc., Tanya has direct contact with both vendors and creditors of insolvent companies. Tanya works with Lisa and Neil to secure and assist in asset liquidation, including collecting outstanding accounts receivable, closing out accounts and disconnecting utilities.  She is also involved in drafting, distributing, organizing and documenting creditor claims. 


Tanya spent over 20 years in various positions in the ground transportation industry. She has a strong background in customer service, accounting, logistics and event management. Her experience in this industry introduced her to the various individuals and personalities in corporate, entertainment and private travel. 

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