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Russell Porteous

Disposition Manager 

CMBG’s jack-of-all-trades, Russell Porteous has done just about everything over the course of his 20-plus year career in the equipment, transportation, and repair industries. From management to maintenance, retail to billing, Russell knows how to get the job done. 


My Story

Working as both a yard foreman and managing equipment in the landscaping industry for 5 years, Russell was then brought in-house to manage for Northridge Equipment Rentals.  He then worked for Sam’s U-Drive, the premier van and equipment rental firm in the San Fernando Valley, along with UPS, before working as a service writer within the auto industry. 


He then moved to United Rentals, where he was for 8 years, working everything from the front counter to dispatching to running the shop, which included 6 bays, track dozers, and many other pieces of equipment. Russell then worked in the residential space at G and K rentals, a large apartment ownership group. He ran maintenance on 10 buildings, managed workers at each property, and did maintenance work himself.  


In his spare time, Russell has repaired and refurbished houses, remodeled kitchens, and worked in retail and construction. A self-described “car fanatic,” Russell oversees repairs on his own vehicles and for those of friends and family. 

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